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Teletherapy: What is it and what are the benefits?

What is Teletherapy?

With teletherapy, consultations and therapy sessions are conducted remotely via a computer, laptop, tablet, or ipad with high speed internet. Using secure live video chat, our clients and family members are able to participate in a live, interactive therapy session from the comfort of their home. Teletherapy is recognized by our national association (SAC) and our provincial regulatory body (CASLPO) as one way to deliver speech therapy.

Who Can Benefit from Teletherapy?

A variety of circumstances can lead to a client or family choosing teletherapy over traditional clinic therapy. Following are a few scenarios in which a client or family might opt for teletherapy:

  • Homeschooling families or those with multiple children for whom it is difficult to schedule regular clinic sessions for a single child
  • Clients who are ill, homebound, or have compromised immune systems
  • Clients who live far away or have or have limited access to reliable transportation for clinic visits
  • Clients who have sustained recent concussions or head injuries and driving is difficult or being in a bright and noisy environment makes it challenging
  • Clients with limited time during the day and wish to participate in a therapy session without the added time of travel

How Does Teletherapy Work?

Teletherapy sessions are scheduled in advance at a convenient time just like clinic visits. Once an appointment is scheduled, the client or family member receives an email with a private link to access the virtual “treatment room”. By clicking the link, the family is connected with the therapist within seconds in a videoconference. The videoconference platform that Chorus Speech and Hearing uses is compliant with Canadian privacy laws (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act – PIPEDA).

What Do I Need to Participate in Teletherapy?

The technology required for teletherapy is commonly found in households and includes:

  • Computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet
  • Webcam (included in iPads and most computers, but can be purchased inexpensively if needed)
  • Headset or ear buds (not necessary for all client types or therapy sessions)
  • High speed broadband internet (minimum of 3Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed)

Are You Ready to Give Teletherapy a Try?

If you believe teletherapy may be right for you or your child, call us at 289-856-9933 or email us at

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